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Still learning. Had a new DX6 and was able to set it up with Phoenix 5 with help from this thread. I was flying it regularly following the program to progress to 3D flying in 6 months, and was finally getting decent at hovering (upright) inside the box. However the DX6 packed it in on Sunday and the nice lady voice told me it had to be returned to the factory. I did that and could not access any model info.

I bought another DX6 and tried programming it with the version 5 info from Archmage's 7.29.14 post. The problem is that the heli spins around and around and I have no rudder control. Channels and calibration show everything is working properly regarding rudder input, but the rudder does not respond to input in flight and the bird just spins.

Clearly I did something wrong, and I have not been able to solve the problem. Any suggestions as what may be causing this?

Thanks for any suggestions. I am ready to get back to practice since we will have snow on the ground here for another month.

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