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Me for one have been struggling to find some decent flying models ( both in helicopters and in aircraft).
So here is what I did ... perhaps some of the steps will help you.
First I set one complete NEW profile in my DX6i ( and also my DX8i) for a HELICOPTER and a SEPARATE one for an AIRCAFT.
For the helicopter model. I made sure there were NO TRIMS of any kind set in the TX and that all the sticks moved -100 to + 100 so NO EXPO NOTHING!!. Also, checked to make sure it showed the 90 degree single servo mode and saved the TX setting. All the rest was done in the Phoenix software set up screens.
I used the SIMPLE setup with the largest heli model in the Phoenix ( they fly better and more stable with a larger rotor "disk" that shows very well when you fly. I ended up with the AVANT AURORA ( yes it is a nitro but it works great) .
You will need to reverse some of the servos IN THE PHOENIX SOFTWARE so they move the right way using the " YOUR CONTROLS" menu and assign them to the correct CHANNEL.
That ALL I did. It works well.
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