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Originally Posted by kc76 View Post
Hi guys

I have little problem with my gimbal. I'm new in this stuff so forgive me stupid question.

I have this gimbal "2-Axis Aluminum Brushless Gimbal PTZ w/BGC 3.1 Brushless Gimbal Controller and MUP6050

and mobius camera.

My settings for this gimbal are:
Roll 17, 0.15, 20 - Roll power 130
Pitch 12, 0.25, 15 - Pitch power 80

Could you please see video from 0:11 to 0:21 and from 0:26 to 29. Camera not looking in one direction Is anyone has this problem before? Could you please help me?

I also have this gimbal. I am confused what your problem is. From the video it looks perfectly normal. Remember this is a 2 axis gimbal not 3. You will not get yaw.
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