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Default Pixhawk Gain Settings Repository ~ Share your settings here!

This thread is intended to be an easy to find repository of gain settings for the 3DR Pixhawk (or clones thereof) controller. Naturally, different birds and setups will require you to tune your controller for your specific needs, but sometimes it's nice to have a set of controller gains just to get started with, that you know won't just send your bird careening through your neighbor's window.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to share their Pixhawk setups here. Please mention what type of multirotor, motors, props, batteries etc too.

To get started, I'm seeding this with with the gains that HF member SeamM spent hours carefully arriving at and was kind enough to share here.
/************************************************** ***************************
This is for a TBS Discovery, with 2216-11 900kV motors, Afro 20A ESCs, 9x5 Graupner props, 4S 3300 drive train.

Stabilize Roll P - 4.5000

Rate Roll

P - .0900
I - .0800
D - .0030

Stabilize Pitch P - 4.5000

Rate Pitch

P - .1000
I - .0800
D - .0030

Stabilize Yaw P - 3.0000

Rate Yaw

P - .2500
I - .0250
D - 0.000
************************************************** ******/

Again please feel free to add your own setups!

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