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Originally Posted by ArchmageAU View Post
According to the DX6 manual, Wired trainer should be set to INHIBIT and Wireless Trainer set to INHIBIT. By default the Wired trainer is INHIBIT.

If the Wired trainer is set to SLAVE, it expects the master to be a Pilot Link style of master. (Which Phoenix is not).

With Wired trainer set to INHIBIT, the PPM signal should be sent through the 3.5mm audio trainer jack at the back of the transmitter.

To activate, first set the Wired trainer to INHIBIT, then turn the DX6 OFF. Yes OFF. Then plug in the Phoenix cable into the back of the DX6 and it should turn on and start sending PPM signals to Phoenix.

You may have to go through a full calibration, but at least now you should be able to get it to work.

Note: Trainer on DX6 (or DX6i) will not work as a slave (or with Phoenix) if the TX is turned on when a cable is plugged into the trainer port.
Thanks for Replying.
Yes both wired and wireless trainer have been set on INHIBIT
and yes my dx6 is off when i plug the cable, and it turns on when cable is plugged.
My software detects the receiver. but no plane or heli.
its still the same situation.

anything else we can try.
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