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Originally Posted by setishock View Post
Not really. Whomever coined the description of a "Flying Cuisinart" was spot on. You have to take in to consideration that a 960kv motor @ 14.8 volts is doing over 14,000 RPMs. And the little racer quads are going much faster than that. You can get hurt or inflict harm on another person in the blink of an eye.
I get apprehensive when my f450 or f550 starts to drift back towards me. I know that if one of those ([email protected]) 13,616 RPM rotors gets me, it's a trip to the clinic to get sewn up. So don't let the fact that it's a multi rotor fool you. They are still very capable of doing harm to any one.

Quad w/10" props at 14KRPM=tip speed of 439822.978 inches per minute
450(18") at 13616RPM=tip speed of 769966.672 inches per minute

It's the tip that does the quisinart on you. Then, we also have the mass issue. A 450 CP heli weighs more than a 450 quad and has greater velocity. So, mass X velocity squared means a cp 450 heli hits a boat load harder.

Quads are safer!
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