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Default Metal/Aluminum Cased V-Bar Control

So I'm in the early stages of planning my TX upgrade. I have a 2007 Spektrum DX7 and run (2) full size V-Bars on 5.3

I also have several Blade Bind-n-Fly models but assume I won't be able to use a VBC with them.

That said, I'm VERY interested in the new V-Bar Control and am wondering when the metal (aluminum?) cased TX will be out?

If there's still debate on what material to use, I'd suggest at least partial aluminum for the most vulnerable areas (back/corners). That said, the whole case in aluminum would be great if it doesn't make it too heavy.

I see there is a champagne version on the Mikado USA website now. It states it has a "metal" coating. That's great but I'm hoping it will still be somewhat lightweight and that there will be a silver or light grey color available too. Dark colors on electronics out in bright sun/hot days will get VERY hot.

Additionally, is that silver rear metal handle removable? I use a transmitter tray and it looks like the handle sticks out the back too far and it will need to be shortened to work with transmitter trays.

For the record, I'm also looking at the JR XG14 as a replacement. That said, I only fly V-bar helis and all the features and integration of the VBC with V-Bar really warrant taking a much closer look (and feel) of the V-Bar control.
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