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Default Problems with binding Gen2 DX6 & DX7 with Trex 150

Hi folks. I was just wondering if anyone else was aware of a problem with the Gen 2 DX6 & DX7 not binding with the Trex 150?

I bought a 150 a few weeks ago and couldn't get it to bind with my new DX7. It was strange as The Sat and the Tx would bind - solid LED on Sat and Tx would say "Bind Complete", but the MRS lights would stay red. At first I thought it might be the bind plug as I pulled one of the wires out of it after the 4th failed bind attempt. I fixed it but still not joy. The retailer sent a new plug but it still didn't bind. Tried binding in DSMX (the way it tells you too) and also in DSM2 just as something to try. Tried holding the set button for various lengths of time etc, but it just wouldn't work. As I say the Sat would bind with TX, but not the board itself.

Retailer told me to send it back with my Tx and they would try - I got the feeling they thought it was me being dumb. I got call from them a few days later saying the heli was fine and it flew with other Tx's, but they couldn't get it to fly with a Gen2 DX6 or DX7. They said they were waiting to hear back from both Horizon and Align. I ended up getting a different model.

As it stands, apparently there is some kind of issue between the new Gen2 DX6&7 and the MRS board. Something to do with dodgy protocol and not doing a "handshake", at least according to my retailer. They said they have had 4 or 5 150's returned with the same issue in the past few weeks. Spoke to them again today (as I'd still like to get a 150 at some point), but apparently they haven't heard anything back about a fix yet. I called another retailer I use, who strangely said he hadn't heard of this problem yet. I was just wondering if anyone else had had issues?

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