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Nope not an issue at all flying great. New DX6 - think of it like the DX8 programming guide that is out there from Alan S. But you will have to reverse servos and minor adjustments are different.

First and foremost - a start point is the MSR pots.. I use 1 oclock on roll and 12 on gain and do all my other adjustments from the raidio.

What are you using?

THE REASON... and you will love this.. that it is RED is that your gain is not above.. get this... 51.9 % SOOO put your gain to 52% and do not go lower on the radio. (Make sure the pots on the MSR are at least at the 12 oclock postions. (BOTH).

Start there and report back... so many people I know had this issue and I told them to do this and they both went green and bound..

Dumb yep..
NOTE: This is assuming you have a DSMX Satellite involved in this...

Gain to over 52% on the radio prior
Both pots to 12 oclock make sure not 6 oclock... some are turned down from the factory.. THEN go through the bind process. Unplug the satellite and repeat if it does not do it right away

ALIGN Trex 150 Unboxing and binding to Spektrum radio with Alan Szabo Jr. (10 min 12 sec)
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