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Default my quest for a new charging case

So after last year of getting together my first charging case, I quickly realized once I got my 700 how it really didn't fit my needs. It worked and worked well, but the flow of it I was not happy with. It was too small and I was always worried that while at the field the wind could come up and close one on my 12c stick packs and it'd go up in flames and not much I could do. So all last year I've been pondering to come up with something that's more for my needs. One of the things I didn't like was that my 12c sticks would take up both channels of my 4010 Duo. I run flight packs instead of BECs, so I often ran into a jam of needed to get a flight pack on the charger. I quickly found myself having a battery line up waiting to be charged. While I could charge faster (normally I only charge at 2C and rarely go any faster unless I'm in a big hurry, like first flight of the day) I prefer to charge slow and go easy on my packs and equipment.

I currently am flying a Synergy E7SE and E5s, that I just stretched late in the year last year. I have found out that by stretching my E5, my flight times have reduced significantly, and I'm only doing forward flight and some big air stuff. I'm toying with a motor and lipo change to 7c. While looking through all my charging stuff, I had to come up with how to charge 7c lipos, and that got me thinking even more. More cables, more boards to carry around, and well it was adding up quickly.

So I've come up with some solutions and figure I'd share some of what I've already done, and my progress. I've bought a new case, a SeaHorse 920, with wheels. This will have some weight to it, as I'm hoping to have a field tool kit with me instead of having to haul my whole rc shop with me. I've gotten some materials to make the deck lid, and have the lid shape cut out. Before I could do the final lay out, I needed a few major pieces.

So on that quest, here's what I used to have:

Nothing too fancy. I liked having an outlet to plug whatever in, and I could monitor the current being used, so if someone else needed to plug their case in, they could. It also had USB hook ups for cell phone charging. What didn't work so well was under the lid, stuff would lose it's stick and then I'd have to restick it with velcro and if you got too much on it, you almost broke it trying to get it back off again.

So I pulled all the parts out of that unit and set it aside. I started laying out me new configuration.

Here I was making a template for the new deck:

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