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So I quickly realized that space is a premium. I had thought up a new way to hook my lipos up from watching the charger case thread. I needed a new balance board, but with my own twist to it. Not only did I need one of them, I needed 2, cause I picked up another 4010 Duo, so that should solve my not having enough channels problem. After spending a lot of time online with a 3D cad program, looking at specs for parts, and drawing them up, I had come up with a design. Now how to get them to a part in my hands, well I'll just have to get some tools and start building.

I ordered a mill from Grizzly, only to find out it was on back order till February 7th. I thought that's fine, I'll still have time to make everything. Well long story short, it didn't show up till mid March, and there were some nice days to be out flying, but well my charger was in pieces. Here it finally showed up:

Since it was heavy and big enough, I couldn't get it down in my basement, down 20 flights of stairs, so had to get some wrenches out and disassemble and take it down in pieces. Here the column and spindle are removed.

Column and spindle on the dolly to go down the steps.

Temporary place to set the column and spindle in on one of the work benches in the shop.

I then got the stand and the base with the table down in the basement.

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