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Now that my mill was setup and going, time to get into the good stuff. I decided to build my own balance board. The ones I had only went up to a 6 cell lipo. With toying with going to a 7c in my E5s, I came up with a new board. I also wanted to be able to use my parallel boards if I wanted to, so I added another plug to the design. I found a program online to do my layouts and to make my measurements how my spacing and how big then thing would be and such.

I found a guide online for making my own circuit board. While I did do this while I was in college, I only did it once and didn't remember some of the steps. Following a guide, I started creating.

This is the board with the pattern ironed on to the board, and sitting in the sink waiting for the paper to get waterlogged so I could run the excess off.

After the pattern was transferred I quickly ran into a problem. The layout I had, would have had all the leads connected together. So using a scribe I had to scratch off all the excess where I didn't want copper.

After over an hour in Ferric Chloride, the unwanted copper was removed and I was left with my traces.

Using some wet fine sand paper, I cleaned the ink protected copper off and exposed my new copper traces.

Using my new mill, was I was able to trim the board down to the specs I made in my program and then on to the not so fun part, drilling all 88 holes in order so the connectors would fit!!

I quickly found out how straight these needed to be, and to learn to trust my DRO and not my pattern. There was a very small shift in the pattern and well the first connector didn't want to fit so I had to go back and redrill and got it to fit like it's suppose to.

Here is the board all drilled. All 88 holes done, 2.5mm between the pins, and about 12 mm from on connector to the other.

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