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Default start of board 2

Board 2 is pretty much a repeat of board 1, the prototype. One thing I did different and well I really forgot till it was too late, was I shined up the copper before ironing on my pattern. The transfer was much better than the first one.

Another thing I wanted to try, was to clean up the pads a little better and the 3 pads on the 11 pin plugs I wanted a little more room to get some solder down. I had the room for it, so I just drew the boxed a little bitter with permanent marker. One the bottom of the board I did another test with a thinker marker.

One thing I didn't get any pics of in the first board was the process of dipping the board and letting the chloride eat the copper away. I tired to get some pics of that here to share.

Here the board is in for about 30 second and you can see it already starting to go to work. I tried to get other pics later but the chemical was getting pretty dirty and I couldn't get a good pic to show what was happening. Caution to anyone trying this, this chemical stains yellow really bad!! Also, don't use an aluminum pie container, it will eat right through it!! Find something plastic to put everything in.

While the board was soaking in the chloride, it was time to get started on the next board holder. Here I was only taking off a little bit but you can see the mess that it makes. Little black fuzzies every where and they stick to everything!!

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