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Here's the only other in process of the board I was able to get while in the chloride. Just about done.

Board finished in the chloride. Looks like the permanent marker worked well!

While the board was done, I was hogging out material on the holder. You have to look close, but it's in there some where!

So I didn't take pics of all the steps as I did on board 1. Things went much much faster with board 2. I also got some other supplies. I got some flux in a pen and decided to give it a try on my board and wires. I will say to anyone soldering, get some flux, you will thank me later. I should have known this, but all the times I've soldered over the years (I'm an electrician) I've only used flux core solder. Well using flux here, I was almost instantly laying solder down and the touch of it. I did the same with the wires, as I cut them small, and it instantly took solder. No more burning fingers holding wires!!! The solder flowed on the board much better, as you can see in the follow pic. Almost looks like I know what I'm doing now! haha

Here the whole board is soldered. I was pretty happy when how it turned out. All joints actually look pretty close to the same.

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