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Originally Posted by mkovalcson View Post
Oh, custom balance boards!

We have some interesting skill sets in these forums
Yup, I looked around and couldn't find anyone that made a balance board with a 7c connector on it. Plus this way I also have the same plug that's on my 4010 Duo, so I can plug my parallel boards right into it as well. I will not have to touch the front ports of my charger, as all that stuff will be on the balance board, and off to the sides of my charging deck.

After I got the 2 board done, I had a brain fart and thought I should have added an 8c port, but I'd have to redo everything and I'm already tight on room. Plus I can make my own custom balance cable use use the 11 pin plug for that if I go that route.

It's all a work in progress, but things have gone well. Doing the design in CAD really helped see how things would work. Not knowing how the solder was going to affect things, threw me a curve ball, but it was quickly taken care of.
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