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Originally Posted by bhkrause View Post
Do you live in a bunker, or a castle?

Kidding aside, when you or Mark claim it's a DIY project, you're serious...
Neither. Just a small 2500 square foot prefab house with a basement. The basement is unfinished, and well most of it I store wood to burn during the winter. Nothing like having the house 75-80 all winter long, just throw another log in the fire. The other 1/3 of the basement is my shop. I used to do some wood working but having done any in a long time and have sold some of my equipment. I'm more fascinated by metal working, but don't have the space for a complete shop like I'd love to have. I make due with what I can.

Originally Posted by CrashNburn420 View Post
Nice case!! I have a sheet of 30" x 24" glass on my bench, easy to clean, set my soldering right on it, when I'm building I just squeeze a bit of loctite in a little puddle and wipe it up when I I'm done. Have had to replace the glass a few times from dropping heavy tools on it but it's only $15 for a sheet.
That's good idea, but I'd be buying glass left and right!! I just do it on my old dirty bench and get some drops on floor. Give it kick and well I can sweep it up. Gives the floor some character.
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