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So last night was some slow progress, but I did move forward. I started cutting out the spots where the 4010 Duo's are going to sit. The material is an acrylic and machining it is way different then the material the balance boards were made out of. I started with a small bit, high rpm and noticed the flutes were clogging up pretty quickly. I played around with some feeds and speeds, and changed to a 2 flute end mill. That seemed to work better as well as having some constant air on the bit. It was slow going as I was only talking about a millimeter per pass and I was hand feeding everything. Along with that was finding a good way to hold the work piece down from moving. I did find that through some vibration the clamps did come loose, but I was able to clean it up with a file. Nothing too precise here needed, so it's all good!

Here's the first 4010 cut out is being done.

The second spot for the other 4010 cut out.

Just checking the fit, and everything is good to go. So on to the next cut outs.

I have a couple gauges that I want installed and those I had to have fairly accurate because too big and the gauges won't stay in. Using the DROs I was able to get some accurate holes machined. I ended up having to touch up the corners with a file, but after that, both gauges dropped right in and were nice and snug.

That's all I got done last night, as my feet were starting to bother me from standing a lot
I've gotten a lot done this week, with getting the balance boards finished and a good start on the layout of the deck lid. Will see if I get back to things tonight. I've got some more supplies on order to help with the interior of the case, that'll be the next challenge, where to put the goods and how to run the wiring!
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