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Originally Posted by Puttputt maru View Post
Wow This is going to be a big case. I realized it when I saw not one but two iCharger.
I have been holding up for a charger case for a long time and looking around but like you nothing seemed right. I am anxious to see your solutions and the outcome.
Well the reason I chose such a big case, I'm hoping to put some field tools in there as well as my lipos, so I don't have to lug around my toolbox/RC shop. I know it's going to have some weight to it, so the wheels will come in handy. I actually am in a little debate right now, as they make a case that's a little bigger, that would forsurely give me the room that I'm after, but well I'd have to start the deck lid all over. I'll finish this one and see how I like it. If I don't, then come next winter I'll redo it and transfer everything over, or sell it and build another one.

Originally Posted by mkovalcson View Post
Dang it! You've got me looking at mills now....

This looks about my speed...
I actually considered one from them. After having my mill, I'm glad I spent the extra money to get the DROs. That there is so worth every penny, as the accuracy in the movements you make is right on......if your machine is square and setup properly. Another thing that helped me out, I have a friend that got me some tooling and I can call and talk about how to do things, feeds and speeds, and such. He's a CNC machinist where I'm doing everything manually, but he's been a big help. I probably have close to the same amount in tooling as I do the mill. Here's the mill that I got:

It was on back order when I placed my order and then got jacked around for 2 months before it finally showed up. Another place I've gotten tooling is Sign up for their specials and you get can get free shipping offers and up to 25% off. I've gotten stuff pretty quick from them as well. Just remember, this stuff is cast and very very heavy. The reason I picked the mill I did was mainly due to the weight ........and the DROs. Anything above that and the weight jumped up in a hurry, to 700+ pounds. I'd love to have a knee mill but I'd have to break it down into so many pieces and then reassemble, and then run a dedicated 220V circuit. I want a variable frequency drive to run any rpm I choose, and most of those are belt or gear driven to only certain speeds.

Then again it all depends on what you want to do with it. Littlemachineshop I think makes some good stuff and is great for people in our hobby. I've been thinking about getting a lathe from them......don't know what I'd do with it, but it'd be nice to have just in case.
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