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So I've have a few day away from the shop as I had some events planned for another hobby that I partake in. It was good to get away and regather my thoughts and do some thinking about how to tackle some things I foresee I'll run into and need to take care of. After some time off, it was good get back to this project and move forward. So continuing on with my charger project, I'm now working on the deck lid and the cut out of all the devices.

Here I'm removing a cutout for one of the balance boards to allow the wires to pass through. I don't have to be precise at all on this as it won't be seen.

Here I'm lining where my measurements are for the second balance board cut out.

Got the cut out finished.

Here's what the deck lid looks like after the balance holes are cut out.

Now the part I'm not quite sure about, the removable part for the compartment underneath. I ran into the limitations of my mill here, as on the Y axis I didn't have enough travel. I was short little over and inch. Looks like I will have to unclamp the part, move it, and tram it in so things are straight. Not hard to do but can be very time consuming.

And this is what it looks like now:

Everything went fairly well. I did manage to have a piece of the material come up and hit me in the eye and get stuck, so I had a little break as I ran to the bathroom and tried to get it out. After about 5 minutes of trying to find it, the piece finally moved over my pupil and I was able to get it with a Kleenex. Note to self, watch where you are blowing the chips and I made a move with my hand and it directed the chips from the acrylic right at me. I guess I should have put my glasses on, but good lesson learned.

Moving on, I did some test fitting as a big portion of the lid was removed. I'm a little on the tight side yet, and I ran a file around the outside edges. I'm thinking I might have to rig something up, maybe break out the old router, to shave a small amount off the outer edge of the lid, due to needing the lid lower in the case, due to the height of the 4010 Duos. I can now start on the under lid that the chargers will sit on. It's made of expanded PVC. I'm hoping that should go quick and the measurements for those cutouts can really be done by eye.

Not sure if I'll get more done on it tonight or not. I'm currently in the waiting room at the hospital as a good friend is having a knee replacement done. I might have a couple hour drive to run some errands once I leave the hospital as well, so I might call it an early night. Will have to see.

Enjoy the pics. I got more parts on the way to do the structure under the lid to hold all the goodies. Will see how that goes when I get to it.
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