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Wow! Why have I been putting off doing this mod?!? I did it today, and the difference is night and day

It's only after the doing the mod that I realize how truly horrible my gimbal was / had become. I kind of knew that it was bad: on the monitor screen of my DX8, I could not get the pitch/throttle output to change continuously. That is, it would jump from 0% to 3% to 5% or similar no matter how carefully I tried moving the stick. And I thought there might be something wrong with the Phoenix sim, because I could only hover at a few specific heights - I simply could not get it to "balance" at arbitrary heights But this is all fixed now and the stick is buttery smooth!
I am actually convinced that this will improve my flying in general - it certainly improved my flying on the sim today, so I can't wait for the weather to improve so I can try it IRL.

I used this tape from Amazon:

I simply wrapped it once around the friction strip allowing it to overlap slightly off to the side so it adheres to itself:

Thanks so much for describing this mod! And to anyone putting off doing this: don't wait.
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