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Originally Posted by jezzejamez View Post
That's nice. I kinda wanna copy that, just with different colors... I love my Heli's
Thanks! By the way, I love that orange Lynx canopy that you have on your 450X. That paint job they did is really good looking.

Here are my mods:

* RJX Vector 325mm CF blades
* EFlite green fiberglass canopy (it's survived one crash without a single scratch so far!!!)
* Fuel tubing on the skids
* Fusuno tail fin (you need a few washers/spacers to make it fit on the stock tail box)
* I painted my stock horizontal tail boom fin with a Sharpie oil pen
* I found some generic adhesive-backed plastic "wrap" at my LHS that I used on the boom. It was right next to the Monokote display at the shop but it was cheaper and came in long, ~6" wide strips that made it much easier to cut just what I needed.

The only thing I still want to do is to put on green tail blades. That way the grass stains won't be so noticeable.
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