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I got some time in on my project yesterday after work. I didn't get as many pics as I wanted but I made some good progress. I ran into a few hurdles though, but they are solved and awaiting parts. Here I got the 2 gauges installed. The top gauge didn't fit very tight as the holders aren't the best, so I applied a small dab a glue to them and well I'll have to probably bust it out if I need to remove it. The top one will report how much is being drawn from the whole charging unit, and be exactly what my generator sees. The bottom one is what my power supply it outputting. I know the Duo's report what they are drawing, but I don't think it includes powering up the unit themselves. Also this way I don't have to add, I can just check. I've had the gauge for quite some time so time to put it to good use. The instructions weren't very clear so will have to try it and see how it works.

I also did some looking at the case and well I had piece of the case that had to be removed so I could get the power supply where I wanted it.

Mounted the shunt for the DC amp gauge.

Had to put some ring terminals on some of the gauge wires and the wires were very very small. So in order to make sure they make a good connection, I soldered them to the ring terminals. They aren't going anywhere now.

I didn't have a terminal for big enough for this small wire, so I did the next best thing, soldered it right to the ring terminal for the DC positive side.

That's all I got pics of. I'll try to snap another one tonight, as I got a lot more wiring done. The charger's wires are ready to hook up. I got the power plug soldered up and installed and screwed down. Pretty much just have to hook the power supply up and put everything in the case. I'm still toying with installing an outlet under the trap door. That should be fairly simply. That'll come later once the deck is installed. Other then that, pretty much was extending some wires that were on the gauges. I wish they came with 12" leads instead of 2" leads, but I guess that's what I get when you get something from China.

I'm waiting on some parts to install the power supply and to use a plug on the power supply to supply power to the DC gauge. The gauge requires 4.5-30VDC but my power supply outputs 48V. There's a plug on it that's low current that I plan on tapping into to supply power for it, but I forgot to order the pins for it. I'm hoping they are here mid week or sooner. $4 shipping for $.30 worth of parts. I ordered 10 pins to somewhat make it worth it. I'm hoping by next weekend I should be just about done. Come on UPS and USPS!!
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