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After completely dissasembling and reassembling a couple of servos (experimenting with the CA slop reducing thing, by making CA thread into the mobile piece), I realised I was not putting them back the right way.

The threaded rod is supported by a bushing in front and a bearing in back. Funny choice I though? Not at all.

Thread for locknuts is smaller than thread for mobile part. Therefore, when you tighten the locknuts, you actually tighten the threaded rod to the (interior ring) of the back bearing. That bearing is actually keeping the rod from moving forth and back, and NOT the white gear.

I am now pretty sure it is wrong to jam the gear agains the black plastic case. The right way is to tighten the locknuts with the gear removed (do not overtighten, you will snap the threaded rod end), verify you have no slop and no drag, then put the gear but leave a tiny bit of space between the gear and the case, else you get drag (friction) there. Do not forget the CA drop after the second locknut.

Only hit me at the third servo I was putting back. Getting slow with age.
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