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Default V-Bar control flight analyzer

Hello V-Bar Control Freaks,

I became a little fed up with the nice battery logging capabilities of the V-Bar Control but no easy way to actually see the data, so I have developed a small program to fetch the logs from it and group them together for easier viewing.

This is like an automatic flight log with data recorder. You can check your flights on a certain model, a certain battery. It can also combine data into sessions. It gives you total flight time, total cycles of the batteries and more.

The program do not write anything to the control EVER, it is safe to use. The fetched data is stored on the computer so you only need the V-Bar Control connected when importing data.

My Current version of software on V-Bar Control is 1.1-867 and I do not know if it works with newer versions asof now (VBar Neo). I will of course update the software if not.

There is a GUI version of the program, and also a commandline version. The program works on Windows, Linux and Mac but as of now only windows has downloadable exe package. The command line version, which is also very nice is easy to get going in both Mac and Linux, but you need to be somewhat more computer savvy.

To get going insert the V-Bar Control into the computer using USB and turn it on, and start the log analyzer, it should fire up and the connected status should be green. Choose menu item File/Import to import your data from the control. You can repeat this whenever you want to get more data from the control

You can download the latest release from here, or check out the sources using git

As the battery logging of V-Bar control needs the UI Sensor, you need the UI sensor on your models to use this program.

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