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Just a little bit more work done last night. I finished up the one side of the lid piece and started looked at the front of the lid piece. Here I just repositioned as I was out of travel or running into my clamps, and finishing up the cut.

Here I rotated it 180 to do the other side.

I did some measuring and the lid piece will be easier then I thought. I thought I was going to have to hand shave the front of the lid piece, but after measuring and comparing, the front of the piece is actually straight. So I was able to to some quick measurements and mill the front of the lid piece. I didn't get a pic of it, but instead I took a quick video of it. I sped the video up by 2. It's boring to watch, but you get the idea of things. If there's enough interest I can upload it again so you can watch in real time what I get to watch. Acrylic is pain to machine and it's slow.

Milling on my Grizzly 0759 (3 min 31 sec)

I got that done late last night. I'm wanting to do a cutout on the front of the lid and well I haven't used my rotary table yet, so I did some doodling on the protective paper to see what I liked and such. I figured out how to use my rotary table for this cut out. So I started cleaning all the gunky off it. It comes with some protective spray on it so it won't rust. I had to put some oil in it to keep the gears lubed. I ran into an issue where the handle was detached from the table, but I guess that's suppose to happy, I just had to read the directions of how to get it back engaged. I'm hoping tonight I'll get the table on the mill table and be able to get things dialed in and my work piece where I want it and mill my partial moon out. Maybe I'll take another video of that at the same time. After this piece is done, it's assembly time. My parts I have on order are to be in on Friday. Won't be long now!!
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