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And it rises from the ashes, better than ever. This was my first rebuild, so it was quite the learning experience [emoji33] . But, after quite a bit of reading, and some trial and error, I got it all set up properly.

Also took the opportunity to make a few upgrades. I got rid of most of the v.1 garbage, so, new Spektrum mg cyclic servos, loctite mod on 440 motor (it'll be the next thing being replaced), helical main gear and pinion, Align DS525M tail servo, and flipped the switch on the ESC from 4.8 to 6v.

The DS525M is a beast! It's the same size as the AR7200 if not bigger, and about 3 times the weight of the stock plastic fantastic tail servo, so it looks a bit ridiculous mounted on the tail of a 450 x. But, for the money, it is a powerhouse and at 6v close enough in speed to the stock one. My tail authority is insane, and piros are scary fast and snappy compared to stock.
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