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I finally got the throw up my rotary table last night on the mill table!! I think I might need an over head crane or hoist to help with this, as this table is very very heavy. I had to move it about 10 feet and my fingers were starting to hurt from where I had to hold on to it. I didn't want to drop it on the table but the thought crossed my mind!! I think the table it about 130 pounds!!

It took me a while to get this clamped in the right position as I didn't have a center point and because the piece was so big, I could only rotate it so far before I'd hit something, so my travel was limited.

So I was finally able to get a piece that I wanted cut out. To get it cut out though I had to change my position on my mill table and my rotary table was hitting the column that the spindled rides up and down on. So I had a bump in my arc that I machined out. It was after this that I discovered my measurements were off, as I forgot to compensate for 1/2 of the diameter of the bit. I ended up putting a bigger bit in, 5/8" (biggest I have) and I was able to clean up the cut, but it was a little bigger then I planned, but it turned out good.

Got the piece deburred and all sharp edges and points are nice and rounded. Checked the fit and it was perfect!

Now I'm done milling pieces and I checked that today my order is to be in, so it's all assembly from here. Oh, I might have to make a few small machined spots on the lid to compensate for the velcro I need to put on it yet. Should have it finished up next week some time at the very latest!! Can't wait as this has been long drawn out project, with a lot of learning in the process. The next one should go much quicker!! I'm away for the weekend, so enjoy the pics, and hope to have something more early next week!
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