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Originally Posted by Vodarac View Post
JRamos glad to see you got it together.

I had the chance to correct my pitch curves and got it pretty good for some more flying/breaking in. +12.3 deg and -12.1 deg. Mid stick is about at zero, and swash is level! Spent a bit of time to learn the beastx a bit to get my pitch correct too. I will say, the manual is invaluable.

Today I went nose in for the first time on this heli! On my mcpx that's no problem even w/o piro comp but the 450 was a bit intimidating at first but it was great! Also did a really tight slow figure 8 (all in my back yard). Gotta wait until I have a bit more space to really let her loose. Heli is really flying good so next mod is more batteries! Glacier packs seem really nice in this heli.
Thanks! Glad to hear you're starting to feel more comfortable. For me, that's the key. I find that when I start thinking too much, I get in trouble. When I relax and just fly, things seem much easier. On the other hand, getting overconfident has also bit me in the butt.

I flew her again today and I noticed a slight tail wag issue that had never happened with the stock tail servo. I played around with the ar7200bx pot 3 a bit and it seems to be better. I like the power of my new Align tail servo, but I need to get it as locked in as the stock one was or else I won't be happy with it.
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