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Originally Posted by Ed Olson View Post
Nice bird
Originally Posted by Vodarac View Post
Very Nice JRamos, Is that the Pulse 2250 battery? I may be wrong on that mah rating but I have 3 Glacier batteries and 1 eflite so Pulse was my next battery to test out.
Originally Posted by Ed Olson View Post
Pulse and Glacier are both quality packs.
Thanks gents, and yes Vodarac, that is the Pulse 2250...the 45c one. Ed is right...I don't have any experience with Glacier, but the Pulse battery is great for the money.

At about $30, its slightly cheaper than the stock one, 45c vs 30c, is put together very well, and looks good. The real world difference in performance is subtle...but there. I'll be buying more.
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