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Well the maiden did not go so well. I finished it and the first battery I got it up and it flew pretty good. Put the second battery in and it flipped on its side and broke all the props ? I couldn't figure it out. Put new props on and the same thing. Went through all the settings and motor directions and they seem good. Put new props on again and tried to lift off ever so gently but it seems to want to flip on its side. It was windy so I put it in the garage and tried to just get it light on the skids but I can't seem to get it to lift off straight. I kept adjusting the trim but it seems to still not want to lift off properly. I tried using a Spectrum AR8000 receiver Satelite and my DX9. It is a full receiver model. I am going to switch it to a Futaba setup like my other Invertix and see if it solves my issues.
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