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I bought it used. The frame was missing the landing gear one arm was bent and he ground the frame. So I dismantled it. Replace the frame, one arm and the wires from the Nano Wii board to the receiver. It is a full receiver version.

At first I put it together with a Spectrum AR8000 receiver and Satelite. I checked all the rotations for the motors and props. The first time I take off from the grass and hover it. Then I take it out back where there is more room. I go to lift off and it flips on its side really fast breaks all the props. I take it inside install new props take it outside same thing. It was really windy that day. Took it back inside changed the props tested the directions of all the motors took it out on the front lawn get tried to get light on the skids and test all directions to see if they are correct. Everything seems good but when you try and lift off it wants to flip on its side. I had increased the trim for one direction, then it seems to want to flip forward increased the trim but still no good. I had the trim up to 25 to 36. So I reduced the trims to zero took it in the garage and tried to just get light on the skids and set trims. Still if I increase the trim so it doesn't want to flip sideways the it wants to flip forward. Once I get both of those pretty high then it wants to rotate. Can't seem to get it to lift off straight.

I took it inside and changed the receiver to Futaba and copied the file from my other newer working Invertix. Took it outside and the same it wants to flip. Only broke two props.

Took the plate off to get at the Nano Wii better and traced all the wires from the ESCs to make sure again I have them in the correct order. Which they are. The Nano Wii board has the arrow pointing forward. I have broke at least 12 props. Can't seem to trim it out ? Not sure if it is the board or something ?

I flew my other newer Invertix today and it flies great.
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