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Mine is actually doing the same thing last saturday that's why I stopped flying it. It happened the first time 2 weeks ago when I hovered it about 20 feet away from me. It hovered about 4 ft high and then it did a backflip towards me...almost hitting my wifes car, breaking 2 props. I then replaced the props and went to the field and flew it. While on my first pack I was doing circuits and while I was turning right it flipped on its side again, breaking 3 props. Replaced the props and went flying, it was fine till I finished all my 3 packs.

Last saturday I went to the field and flew it. Same thing, while I was turning right towards me, it does the backflip again breaking 2 props. At this point I told myself I'm never flying this again as I am afraid that it will fail and will hurt somebody or damage property.

The ESCs and the BEC are all brand new, so I don't think it has anything to do with those. I am heavily suspecting a bad rear right motor that stops in mid flight making the quad flip front up. I had just spent $130 for the BEC and the ESCs and I am not spending another dime for a new motor.

Sadly, I am finally done with this thing. It was good when it worked but it was really frustrating when it failed. I'm getting rid of mine and getting either a 300 CFX or a 450 sized CP heli.
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