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Originally Posted by NervousEnergy View Post
Setting center position. The front servo of the three cyclics on the 130x build has a center that's just about perfectly in between the gear teeth of the back two, and that produces enough angular difference that it's hard to get the swash level in either of the two closest arm positions even with maximum link adjustment. If I use the programmer to move the center position to match the others, will that screw up the travel range compared to the other two servos?
If you're talking about adjusting the center point that only a degree or 2 off from the default center point then you won't hurt anything. The servos can rotate up to 180*. You can adjust end points as well to match all of your servos together. That's the beauty of the programmer.

Second: Is there any real use to the overload protection? It's not turned on by default so I'm somewhat dubious of it.
The OLP is a feature you can enable if you wish, if the servos circuitry senses too much current going through from too much load on the servo then it will dial back the torque to keep from cooking the components.

Third: Probably the dumbest question, but I can't find any quick hits on google... likely confirming that it's so dumb nobody else asks it. What do you need to recharge the battery pack? I've got a Powerlab 6 setup, but everything I've got is geared to charging 2s, 3s, and 6s LiPo packs. Looks like a servo lead? Does it need to be balanced, or is that even a thing with NiMH?
Should be a 4 cell NiMH pack. Slow charge it over a period of several hours for the first initial charge (0.4 amps)- this will help balance the cells inside of the pack, from there you can charge at a normal rate up to 1.3 amps, but preferably something like 0.8-1.0 amps max. You will need to use an NiMH charger.
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