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Its a bit slow for me for the tail, the DS76t and DS95i are still hard to beat there. The DS76t in particular is lightweight and extremely fast. For me the extra 2g for the 76t is well worth it, that extra speed really helps the tail hold, but I do run Chinese weights as I saw a good few people mention they'd burnt out a DS76t.

Having said that, I am wanting to try those Lynx servos on the cyclic :-D, I've been saying to Lynx on the forums that I'll gladly test them on a 250 if they can come up with a mount for them. The regular cyclic servos are actually a 450 spec, and I reckon these little ones may have enough torque.

I haven't heard from Lynx whether they'll make a mount, but I do know they're working on an Oxy2 which will be a 250 size machine. I'm expecting to see that later this year.
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