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Originally Posted by MaGooRc View Post
With DS76T we must run with only 5v, reducing the speed of the Align cyclic servos (ds415m), but on other hand we gained 5/6g

Other ds76t negative point is its nylon gear..I will tested 250 with ds76t of my 180cfx...

Lynx Ds883hv discarded ....

I need to reduce a little the weight of my original 250pro dfc, which is still 332g (I want 315/320g) and in this point tail servo could help, because I am already with belt, talon15 and a canopy lighter (-15g).

About Lynx servos for 250 (and oxy2) I believe they will Kst (like x8) which need frame adapt.
I asked Horizon Hobby UK and was advised that the DS76 and DS76t servos would be fine at 5.5v, and to that I have not had a problem since I installed them,
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