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Originally Posted by Equad View Post
Here is what I have learned. Class 10 cards don’t work. I didn’t know anything about SD cards except when you buy one you get a big one for your computer and camera data. That philosophy doesn’t work for the DX6. SD cards are rated 2 – 4 – 6 – 10. Which determines the speed of data transfer.

When getting a SD card for the DX6, don’t buy a large card, anything over 8GB seems to not work, mostly because all the larger cards I found were rated 10. Buy a cheap small card. SMP files are small so you don’t need a high capacity card. You are better off with a 2 or 4 rated card.
I recently bought a DX7 Gen2 and had the same issue, the following did not work for me:
1. Lexar 16GB Platinum II SD HC Class 10
2. SanDisk* 16GB microSDHC Class 6

I borrowed the following from a colleague that DID WORK:
Samsung 16 GB microSD HC Class 4 (with adapter)

Please post which cards worked for you and didn't so that we can have a better idea of sd card compatibility with DX7 DX8 DX9 (which probably use the same hardware to read SD cards.


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