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Default CC3D questions = HK250 helicopters flying with CC3D and Atom

I have two HK250GTs flying pretty well with Copter Control. One is controlled by CC3D and the other has an Atom doing duty. It is fun to learn to set them up and fly them. But it has cost me about $100 in destroyed hardware so far. I would like to learn more without so much expense.

The helicopter support in CC3D is not good. Can any of you help with a few of my questions?

If I increase Gyro Tau what happens? What is the limit?
If Vbar Gyro suppress get larger what happens? is there a limit?

How about Vbar Tau? What happens as it increases and what is a practical limit?

If I increase Vbar Sensivity what happens? And what is the limit.

When I increased Acroinsanity to 4 instead of .4 (typo) I had to replace some blades. What is a practical limit and what happens there?
What is Disable Sanity Check?

Rattitude Mode Transition default is 80 what if it is higher? limit?

AxisLock Kp? now what happens as this increases? to what limit?
What about MaxAxisLoc and MaxAxisLockRate?

Weak Leveling Kp? increase? limit?

Gyro Scale If I increase this number what happens?

Low pass filter : if it increases what happens ? Is there a limit?

PI --Kp, Ki and limit? what happens as this limit increases?

I assume Thrust PID Scaling can be useful to a heli. Has anyone tried it?

Any favorite flying modes? AxisLock? Acro+? Rattitude? VirtualBar? and WHY?

Good luck and happy landings.
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