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Originally Posted by billiano View Post
I just found that in the John's forum another guy had the same trouble with me but no response.
They are saying that they are converting the single line chargers.

Anyway the dongle worked in a Vbar after that with no problem.
I guess there is not enough current.Before connecting dongle it reads 4.5V while after it reads 2.2V . But after applying external power from a 4cell NiMH pack it works (powered) and connected to the PC but no way to see the Hyperion Suite to read my charger.

I guess it is a good opportunity to see that matter leading to an end here if we all co-operate.


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Sounds like you have shorted both rx and tx resistors while soldering which may cause this voltage drop when you plug in the BT module. Has anyone tried to replace these two resistors? Whats the specs of these chip resistors? A friend of mine is doing this mod and got the module to power up but then did a bit of a mess soldering the rx tx resistors and touch each other which then causes the module not to power up anymore when plugged in as it only shows 2v now.
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