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Default RCHN Pilot Proficiency Program

As 2015 has been dubbed the "year of the Pilot" Nick and Justin's recent or should I say continued fixation on new gear notwithstanding the hosts have developed the RCHN Pilot Proficiency Program PPP as an aide and guide to pilots wishing to persue a logical skill set progression. The program takes inspiration from, pays homage to and updates the original IRCHA PPP

The program was introduced and explained on episode 170.

The RCHN PPP web based app has been developed to help pilots track their progress

I personally know a lot of time went into this program so far but in my opinion it is still a work in progress that could use some tweaking especially in the area of some of the maneuver descriptions for the sake of clarity and consistency throughout. Not sure how much time or energy the hosts have for this but I suspect it may depend on the communities demonstrated desire for this sort of thing.

The last couple months I've been filming community member Josh Moen's progress through level three at this point which should help with questions on what the maneuvers should look like. I'll get links to the videos shortly.

Soooooo, who's in?

Videos follow: Should have reserved a post for these sorry

Level One:
RC Heli Nation Pilot Proficiency Program Level 1 (10 min 47 sec)

Level Two:
RC Heli Nation Pilot Proficiency Program Level 2 (8 min 23 sec)

Level Three:
RC Heli Nation Pilot Proficiency Program Level 3 (8 min 35 sec)

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