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New version out!

v2.3.0 adds two features
Ability to see vbar log of your flight
Ability to see UI graphs over your flight

To use the UI graph you need to enable "write Logfile" in Application setup / UI Sensor

Only new flights from installing of this version gets logfile/sensor graphs. To see log/Sensor graph double click on the "Yes" in the list if available.

This version should keep all data from previous version, and should be a seamless upgrade. However, if you want to start over remove the ".vcontrol.db" in your home folder. For me that would be C:\Users\Linus\.vcontrol.db

The time to import data have increased a bit. Importing 200+ flights with sensor data for the last flights takes about a minute on my computer.

The sensor data is still a little on the rough side, there is no possibilty to Zoom/Pan, enable/disable values. You can however use it to tune your governor, you will easily see if PWM is maxed out.

Link to download

Happy Flying!

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