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Releases just keep on coming here! I had a thought on how to use this for some added security. I have added a red background on the VBar log column if you have a severe problem, it's now possible to see this at the moment you import your data. The background will NOT turn red on extreme vibration messages as you get them on all hard flights.

In my pic here I had a "Sensor value out of range" while carrying the helicopter, so no crashed helicopter from that one...

Another feature is the ability to see all logs, not just the flights. Before only logs where you used 1/4 of your battery showed up, it's now an option. I like to keep it an option as normally you would like to see how many flights you got in.

I have also removed the date picker and added a "Season picker", it was just too much micro management and nobody likes that in a GUI.

You will find the vcontrol-gui.exe here

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