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Originally Posted by Petebarrow View Post
great posting.
however can anyone add an idiots guide to adding GPS with the spektrum sat setup please?

The naze32 only has two uarts. One uart is used for the usb port, and the other is used for satellite receiver. So in order to add gps, you need to enable softuart, set the baudrate, set whether the gps uses nmea or ublox commands, and configure the gps for the same baudrate.

Note that softuart has an upper limit of (I think) 19200 baud. I suggest you start with 9600.

Word of warning: on my 250 quad, I have up trying to use gps. It worked great when the video transmitter was turned off. But as soon as Vtx was turned on, the gps couldn't lock. And there's not much room to move the gps antenna around on a 250 quad.
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