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Well folks. I've gotten the parts to put it back together. Apparently a screw was coming loose in one of clutch shoes causing the clutch drum to hange up and eventually took some teeth out of the main gear. Not in an emediately obvious way. It migrated out as it hovered. When I got this heli I went thru everything except (Yes that's right folks. My mistake) the motor and clutch. I did take the crab off and resealed the intake collar better. But liquid fuel systems are new to me and I just didn't think to take the clutch apart..,Oh Well! Erwin was nice. As long as his interest in customer support doesn't wayne with me, I won't be bad mouthing him or his products. I didn't buy this from him, but he sold it to somebody before and made money on it. Now I have it. So I hope he continues to be helpfull. The pitch range issue in the head is somewhat unresolved. David?...Erwin reads these post and brought up a clame that the head design in the link you posted was designed by him before MA was in business. He said 25 years ago. I've got too many things to do to be investigating any of it. Just relaying his comment that he himself brought up. He seems to spend alot of talk on his experience and expertice in a defensive way. I don't really know how much of that's from bad press or self righteous based justifications in his past dealings with others. I'll be only telling it like i see it directly based on experience. Instead of going with the flow of others oppinions. I will keep my eyes and ears open. Thanks all. Let ya know how it goes when I get enought time to do the rebuild.
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