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David?...Erwin reads these post and brought up a clame that the head design in the link you posted was designed by him before MA was in business. He said 25 years ago. is a division of Hobbies and Helis, Inc.
HHI has been in business since 1984, and specializes in the production of radio control

MAUSA has been in business since the late 70's The X-Cell 60 was on the market in 1984
Before they released the XL 60 , MA distributed Schuter helicopters here in the USA for several years. MA was selling the 0840 head about 4 years before HHI. I was flying the MA rotor head on an XL Pro a couple of years before HHI even was selling a copy of it.

That is pretty much the way I remember it. Of course Ted Schoonard might remember it the same way. Since he is the original designer of the 0840 rotor head.

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