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My Vera! I had no idea her Tx was worth that much. I want it back!

Just kidding, could not resist.

Congrats on your B4. I sure love mine. My two cents, rebuild the stock servos. Gears for them are MUCH cheaper than a servo. I purchased three sets of gears to rebuild my three front servos after a crash for less than the price of one stock servo. Personally, I would do that until you are sure that the major issues are fixed. May save some money in the long run. That said, once I know I am in better control of the heli, I will be upgrading servos. It is my understating that others will respond much quicker and be more durable once I really start flying her. (yes, mine is a her too).

I also found the slightest friction/binding can cause my ESC to heat up and then it would go into a low power type mode. All I could do was land it, let it cool a second and then it was fine for a few until it heated up again. I had a tiny tiny bend in my tail shaft. Once I replaced that, it stopped heating up.

Can't wait to read more on your progess. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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