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Thus far, I have found that the heli is easy to work on. I can say that the tail shaft replacement is fairly simple. I have a rough video that covers the tail shaft replacement I would be happy to share with you if you like. It is not a public vid for there are some bloopers (dogs barking in the back ground). Now that I have a new camera, I am planning on redoing the video so I can zoom in on some of the detail my former camera (web cam) did not show very well. Send me a PM if you want to see the tail shaft replacement vid and I will shoot you a link from where you can download it.

As far as some of your other questions, since I am still learning too, I do not want to feed you bad info. I will let the B400 God's answer those. There are some fart smellers, I mean smart fellers up here. You will have the answers you need soon I am sure.
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