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those pics have to be from the 2015 rotorquest sponsored heli meet was it a weekend or so ago, Kyle Dahl/Stacy were at it doing some flights and a dude in a takumi "t" walks into screen for a minute, and the background of the first pic shows the rq pit's set up.

let's see behind the black mask. I believe the motor config has been extensively used in turbine helis, I see helical gears in the alu housing, like in a car rear axle, regardless, nice work so far, and the blades too, that's got to be some 100% tow there from the reflexion (reflection I know, blade coulda been called "Reflexion", (mebe I do dat).

In this day and age "boutique " must mean in the hundreds, while production beyond that and just getting to a hundred can be a undertaking, if you got time.

I wanna see more, inside, pleeeeze, lol. it's inevitable, cheers., and nice weave work, that dude is ready.
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