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At least the invertix is a lot of fun too fly ��
3mins of Whoooooooohaaaaaaaaaaa

Only took invertixes to the field yesterday and had fun. +15 flights probably. 1 crash = 2 props.

I seem to get issues with the motors (or esc) after a lot of crashes.

Got a 2nd hand invertix (damn this invertix really had a bad life, the amount of crashes on this one is skyhigh ) anyway I got it knowing it had issues, crashed it twice when I collected it (broke arm and 2 or 3 props)
Agreed with the vendor I would have a look and pay for it when I found it. Otherwise I could return it.

Anyway it had 1 motor that just made the invertix crash. The windings in the motor seem to be damaged because of crashing. And quickly reversing it probably made the motor arc and then it went down.
Swapped motor everything fine. So vendor agrees to lower the price with the amount of a motor so good deal I guess.

Notice the wear on the motor thread this invertix had a lot of prop switches.

Picture of the messed up winding

On my other invertix one of the motors is sometimes 'slow', its like the timing is messed up, on a reverse and if you are close too the ground, you do not have much time to counteract this. As said had 1 crash because of this yesterday, 2 props so just swapped and finished the battery

So my wish for a v2 invertix would be closed motors, so dirt can't get in so easily.
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