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I just purchased the Invertix 400 - built it today, but still have to solder the XT-60 connectors to my batteries and check motor rotation/controls. Anyway, much like yourself I came for the heli world. Last year I bought a Blade BNF Nano QX. It was different at first, but knowing that I wasn't going to hurt much if I crashed the Nano, I just turned loose and flew it however I wanted. It did not take long at all to catch on. I got about 120 flights or so on the Nano before it gave up on me. They are so much fun. You might want to consider getting the Nano QX and using it for training. If you can develop the sills to keep orientation on a Nano, that should make keeping orientation on the Invertix a breeze as just the canopy on the Invertix is bigger than the Nano. Just a thought..

Enjoy the journey along the way because in the end that is all you have.

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