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if you go led , I would go 'stick leds on the bottom' and just the invertix led at the top side.
I have 1 very bright on the underside of the invertix. so I see it flashing by when I flip it or I seek the orientation on the model. As said topside is easy with the canopy (doesn't really need leds top imho, I have the invertix leds inside the canopy).

IMHO , in the end , its a mind thing when you go from Heli to Quads ( I'm a helicopter pilot and I was also looking for the tail), you will have to adapt to this, you're mind must accept that the model doesn't have a tail to give it 'obvious' orientation.
But if your have all orientations down , it its a beauty to fly in 'any' orientation (always the same behaviour , no drag sideways etc... ).
So where with my heli's I still have a like an automatic 'tail in upright rescue orientation' which I try to get to.
With the invertix , I have learned 'upright' is ok orientation, my orientations have improved ALOT with the invertix.

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